Investec Asset Management

Investec Asset Management’s A Guide to ‘Defensification’

The client

Investec Asset Management was looking for an integrated print and digital campaign that would increase awareness of the defensive approach of the Investec Diversified Income Fund.  

A core part of the campaign needed to focus on a series of white papers which explained the fund’s approach in detail. However, these papers were in need of editing and rebranding. The client also wanted to increase the fund managers’ profile via video assets that would work as both standalone assets and as part of a wider digital campaign.

A Guide to 'Defensification' eBook

The plan

Incisive Work’s solution was based on a three-part digital eBook that tied into Investec’s own concept of ‘Defensification’.

A chapterized eBook produced on the Ceros platform served as the ‘hero’ asset for the campaign as a whole, and was designed not just to be visually stunning, but interactive and engaging for the user.

Content for the digital eBook was formed from the group’s white papers and supplemented with additional editorial insight from Incisive strategists. Rather than any accompanying video and audio elements of the campaign solely mimicking the content found within the eBook, Incisive worked closely with Investec’s own marketing team and fund managers to  script and film videos which showed how the fund’s strategy worked ‘in action’.

The videos produced by Incisive were developed as ‘documentary shorts’ and explained how the team had successfully implemented ‘Defensification’ over the preceding five years whilst referring to real equity case studies. They also looked at how the team ‘stress tested’ portfolios against event risk such as Brexit.

The final element of the campaign included a 24-page printed ‘Guide to Defensification’, produced in Investec branding for their own distribution.

Distribution & performance  

The phased distribution of Investec’s Defensification campaign over three months resulted in this project delivering an above-average number of user leads and page impressions to the client.

As well as hosting the digital eBook(s) on gated and ungated platforms, campaign promotions included a variety of native adverts, continuous editorial articles flagged as ‘Partner Insight’ on Investment Week and email newsletters. These were sent to readers alongside smart push notifications to increase visits and dwell time.

Videos assets within the eBook were also individually marketed to a targeted audience set on social media, including Twitter and Facebook, resulting in a marked increase in user engagement with the eBook as a whole.

As well as being one of the best performing campaigns that Incisive Media ran in 2017 (in page view terms), Investec Asset Management also reported a substantial increase in views on the company’s own website.