Doubling Online Display Click Rates with Diversity

Diversity is a hot topic in the global asset management industry, and one which the content marketing arm of Incisive Media, Incisive Works is familiar with, not just post-International Women’s Day.

Last year, some of our best performing fund ‘Focus’ publications, were those featuring female asset managers prominently in the publication, whether on the cover or inside the ‘Focus’ publications.

In particular those Focus’ featuring, LGIM’s Meryam Omi and Nancy Kilpatrick – their HPU achieved a click rate of 0.41 compared to a site average of 0.2.

The billboard Incisive Works created for client JPM Morgan achieved a click rate of 0.47 on website Professional Pensions, against a site average of 0.28 for billboards (with the site average itself being ahead of the Google benchmark of 0.04).

In all these instances, Incisive Works has played a role in raising the profile of female fund managers, and bringing the issue of diversity in the asset management industry to the forefront.

Some of Incisive Works existing clients – Fidelity, M&G, Pictet Asset Management are championing the Diversity Project which aims to achieve diversity across a range of professions from: asset owners, fund managers, fund selectors, pension consultants, actuaries, trustees, wealth managers and the professional standards and trade bodies.

Even though efforts have been made, there is still a long way to go, especially when it comes to narrowing the gender pay gap, pushing for more flexible working arrangements, and increasing the number of women in senior positions.

Research by wealth manager, Tilney Bestinvest, show that women are badly under-represented in the asset management industry, particularly in investment roles. Fewer, than one in 10 funds in the UK are managed by women, while in the US only 184 of 7,000 mutual funds are run by women.

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