Colt Networks were looking for a powerful way to introduce IT decision makers to the growing trend of software-defined networking, in order to leverage the firm’s IQ Network and On Demand product brands.

Incisive Works’ solution was to build a standalone website – Network on Demand  – to provide a news hub for enterprise networking as a trend, while providing a platform to discuss software-defined enterprise networks as a key topic.

The website included general news-based enterprise network stories, produced by Computing’s editorial team and uploaded around a regular news schedule, as well as interviews and bylined pieces by Colt and its customers. This provided topical news while carefully promoting Colt’s message.

The result was to make the website a ‘go to’ source for news and information in the sector, while positioning Colt as particular leaders in the field.

Around the website as a hub, other features of the campaign included Colt-branded whitepapers, which were also hosted on the website. One whitepaper was produced by Incisive works as a key content component of the campaign, and consisted of a full-length research paper on the topic of flexible, scale-up/scale-down network connectivity in order to explore and qualify Colt’s messaging.

The research process consisted of a survey of around 120 UK IT decision-makers, followed by a detailed analysis of these findings.

The whitepaper also formed the basis of a web seminar, hosted by a Computing technology analyst and featuring a Colt subject matter expert, as well as a Colt customer.

Key findings from the whitepaper were delivered during this 45 minute live streaming debate, which was then available on demand through Network on Demand, as well as cross-promoted on

News stories produced from both the whitepapers and the web seminar were featured on Network on Demand as the campaign progressed.

Brand awareness surveys focused around Colt, its reputation and its products, were carried out at the beginning and end of the campaign, and showed that decision-maker awareness of and trust in Colt had increased.

Network on Demand

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